What’s Cooking in the Kitchen? Part 3

This week Journeyman Barbara Sherer celebrated Fall with a beauty of a salad.  Modern folks often take salad for granted, forgetting that leafy lettuces are only available in the spring and fall months.  No cucumbers and tomatoes in this salad either. The vegetables do not grow during the same season. Though there are a few raw recipes, vegetables tend to be cooked, including lettuce. This typical recipe for a salad comes from Adam’s luxury, and Eve’s cookery; or, the kitchen-garden display’d. In two parts. I… 1744, page 201.











Our second dish, A Pottage of Cheese, was made by Apprentice Tiffany Fisk. The recipe comes from The complete practical cook: or, a new system of the whole art and mystery of cookery… by Charles Carter, 1730, page 33.  This recipe has to be made several times as part of her apprenticeship program. This recipe would make a lovely light meal or an excellent first course for a modern dinner.




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