Happy Holidays from Historic Foodways


The Governor’s kitchen is preparing for a Twelfth Night ball.


We are making a cake and lots of sweetmeats.


Sweetmeats are candied fruits and nuts that were often served for desert.

They come in two form: One is wet sweetmeats like jellies and jam.


Then there are dry sweetmeats, candies and sugar coated nuts.


We wish you and yours the very best holidays, full of lots of great food.

And we look forward to a wonderful New Year, full of lots more recipes and photos on the History is Served blog!


Cheers from the entire Historic Foodways staff.

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  1. December 31st, 2014

    Malyson says:

    We visited the kitchen on Sunday and the food looked as remarkable as it does here. Very informative hostess as well. Thanks for sharing!

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